Valley Bees

• includes people specialising in native bees, in honeybees, and in both!
• meets regulary, and holds field days and outdoor demonstrations throughout the year.
• invites speakers to share their knowledge, expertise and passion.
• will prepare lists of plants and trees in our local area to attract pollinators to our gardens.
• supports those who want to manage small numbers of bees on their properties.
• embraces a collective wisdom of enthusiasts and members of the community alike.
• expresses the specific areas of the value of all bees in regards to the health of our environment.
• advises on issues and topics that will make a difference!
• recognises the value of mutual support gained from the membership of a group of people with common interests.

By participating in the activities of these groups, members benefit in their own lives, and contribute to their community.

Our Valley Bees Vision Statement is

• to preserve and provide further habitat for all bees. This is achieved by providing suitable nesting habitat – both natural and managed.
• to protect all bees from pests, diseases and environmental deprivation.
• to provide services for pollination.
• to harvest excess stores for human consumption.

Valley Bees Auspice

The Valley Bees Group falls under the auspice of the MRCCC – Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee.

Our Valley Bees Committee

Chair • Eric Jordan
Vice Chair • Pauline Alexander
Treasurer • Jeanne Jordan
Media and Design • Glenbo Craig
Members Secretary • Jeanne Jordan
Honeybee Sessions Landcare • Vic Finney
Honeybee Sessions Honeybee Cottages • Phil Brown
Native Bee Sessions • Derek Cooper
Flow Hive ‘Unique Share Link’ • Maree and Mark Hannon
Patron • Athol Craig

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Valley Bees . . . for the experienced, and the wanna-bees!