Naturally crafted by Tracy Lewis at Bush Critters.

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Linda Perry

and friends created this wonderful Art Installation at the Floating Land Festival, Boreen Point.

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Dee Greer’s ‘Sugarbag’ painting
created especially for Valley Bees.

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Lyndon Davis 

is a local representative of the Gubbi Gubbi people, and delivers cultural awareness to community and schools.

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Bee Lore

Gympie’s very own Goddess of Abundance

Gaia and The Bee Goddess


Bee Legends, Folklore and Mythology

Professor Albus Dumbledore

Author J.K. Rowling named Professor Albus Dumbledore for an archaic English word related to bees. She says that when writing, she imagined the headmaster of Hogwarts ‘wandering around the castle humming to himself,’ and so chose to associate his name with bees.

Natura Apis (a drinking song)

The night is still young and our drinks are yet long,
The fire’s burning bright and here brave is the throng,
So now I will sing you a sooth little song
Of the busy brown bee – with a ding and a dong.
J R R Tolkien

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Eye of Ra

According to ancient Egyptian myth, honey bees were the tears of the sun god Ra. The bee was seen as the messenger of the gods, falling down, like tears, towards the earth (and man) to pass on some secret message. The symbol was called the Udjat in ancient times. It is now more commonly called the Eye of Ra or Eye of Horus and represents the right eye of the Egyptian Falcon God Horus and was also associated with the Sun God Ra. It is supposed to be where the tears (or bees) came from.

Bee-Sharp diminished?

Less chance of getting stung?


BeeClichés BeeBanality BeeOddittities • and BadBeePuns
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More to come . . . oh yes, SO MUCH MORE to come!