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Among these are many that help provide background information on bees and pollination, flowers and habitat.

Below you are only 18 clicks away from ultimate inspiration. Besides, it’s raining outside, the wind is howling, your house is snug, your bees are all at home and you have a warm spiced mead in hand.

So scroll below and BeeInspired!

The hidden beauty of pollination
Louie Schwartzberg

Why bees are disappearing
Maria Spivac

Increase food production using native pollinators
Laura Klahre

Swarm intelligence in honey bees
Martin Lindauer

The beautiful tricks of flowers
Jonathan Drori

A plant’s-eye view
Michael Pollan (yes, that’s his name)

Every city needs healthy honey bees
Noah Wilson-Rich

Every pollen grain has a story
Jonathan Drori

Rewilding your land: blessing of the bees
Sam Droege

Science is for everyone, kids included
Beau Lotto and Amy O’Toole

The first 21 days of a bee’s life
Photographer Anand Varma – National Geographic

A plea for bees
Dennis vanEngelsdorp

Save the bees! Wait, was that a bee?
Joseph Wilson

Pollination – the delicate balance between bees and flower
Jennifer Leavey

It’s not about the honey: adventures of an accidental bee
Steve Boyden

BEE-have so we can BEE-have
Beth Conrey

No bees, no food
John Miller

These are the select 25 Best of the Best Ted Talks to inspire and motivate.